Normally I don't like Vans, because of the shape of it and the colors. But I found this one on Tumblr, and I actually love it, just the color of it and the fabric. [It's a different fabric then the basis one right?!] Well, I guess this is one from the male collection, so I don't think my size will be availeble. :(

Travellers Notebook

Looks very nice what he did with his Travellers Notebook.
I can't do that, don't have enough creativity I guess.

Via The BlackBook Dairy

Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer

This is so handy for me, my sunglasses are always broken. No matter if I put it somewhere save. But it's look a little nerdy thought.


Roermond, Limburg

Photo's are taken in Roermond, Limburg, here in the Netherlands. Last friday I came back from Limburg from just a week vacation, nothing special much. But we went shopping in Roermond, it's a really nice place. With a lot of nice restaurants and shops. Also there's not far from Roermond-Centrum a Designer Outlet, I've also been there but unfortinally, my camera battery's where empty. But you can get all kinda brands, from D&G to Filippa K, to Prada. All a little expensive, but also cheaper brands. And always with 30-70% discount! If you want more information about Designer Outlet, here is there website: http://www.designer-outlet-roermond.com/

I'm sorry for the bad quality photo's.


Lost & found

I found my Moleskine sketchbook again, lost it for a very long time. I was going throught the pages I wrote back then about the breakup with my boyfriend. Almost a year ago or something. But most of all thinking of that I, maybe, a little over reacted about it. So now I tored ALL the pages about that, out of it.
Maybe I should buy a new one thought..

New start

I'm sorry people. Since I haven't post in a while, I decided to do a new start.
Posts are coming soon.