New blog

Ahum, yes I have a new blog on blogspot what I just made in December, and I already had plans to delete chaneljunk, also on tumblr. But I decided to keep that blog on tumblr because I had put in so much work into that. But anyway, I'm now posting from my new blog: http://amberfashionjournal.blogspot.com/ I thought I will let you know that, so if you still want to follow me, follow me there! Hope you enjoy!



Just a basic outfit. Striped knitted sweater, H&M. Faux leather jacket, Forever 21. Jeans, H&M. Shoes, Uggs Australia. Round scarf, somewhere.

Antwerp shopping

This bag is so great for me, I always lose everything and I can find everything in this bag. And normally it's a bigger mess.

Last week we went to Antwerp with school. We had to visit the 'Mode Museum' 'Fashion Museum' first, and the rest of the day we had free time to shop. So, I went to stores that we didn't got in my place, like the H&M, zara ect.. I bought this jacket, for €33,something at Forever 21. This was my first time that I actually was in a Forever 21 shop, because we don't have one here in Holland. Same for New Look. I was immetiadly in love with it. Haha. Also I bought a black top from New look for €25,-, a bag for also €25,- and it's actually brandless. And some shoes, from I-D or something. I bought those for €15,-
I'm sorry for the bad quality photo's, I took those photo's at night.


Streetstyle Inspiration November

Photo's from: Jak & Jil, Stockholm Streetstyle, tumblr



This autumn/winter I putted the Black Classis Short Uggs to my wishlist and the iPhone 4. My shopping "motto" is always buy cheap clothes, and look classy. But these are, for me right now, a little expensive to buy, if I do say so. I don't have any work right now, and still busy with apply's for jobs. Non are actually calling me be back or so.. But now these 2 weeks I have to wait for a call from the Vero Moda or the Pieces, and maybe I can work there, I really hope so!
Now I have the Blackberry Curve as a sellphone, but seriously, I can not get along with those things. So that's why the iPhone is a great option. And the Uggs because, yeah, I just like them.